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17/9/14 Subject:- Sunday 21st - Hill Climb

Cuilts Brae on Sunday21st

Meet at the bottom of the climb 11.30am. First rider off 12.The current champion is Paul Hornby and would welcome some competition this year !

16/9/14 Subject:- Tour of the Trossachs

Loch Achray & Ben A'an

On Sunday 5th October the Ivy are running the Tour De Trossachs Mountain Time Trial. Click here for more details on the course and some race history.

British Cycling Link & Entry Details

Thanks to all the club members that helped out at Paul's vets & ladies race. As usual Janette will need the same level of support for this event so could club members email her in advance if you can help out. Email: janette.hazlett@scottishcycling.org.uk
11/9/14 Subject:- Ian at the Vuelta
In these highly charged political times perhaps my attempt at humour replacing the Braveheart quote "Our Freedom" with "Pink Jersey" may have been missed ( or maybe it was just a rubbish joke ) and was taken as some sort of political statement. It wasn't intended as that !

So the new caption is "Here is a picture of Ian Quinn at the Vuelta".
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